Life not so ‘glitz n’ glam’ for inventor


An extensive family history led Glitz N’ Glam founder Ashley Eubanks to Florida A&M in summer of 2004.

Two and a half years later, she suffered serious injuries in a car accident. She couldn’t survive in Tallahassee without watchful care and decided to go back home to Ft. Lauderdale.

“It became a lot for me and my friends, so I came home,” Eubanks said.

Avery DeLyons was Ashley’s roommate at the time of her accident. Over the years she watched her life-long friend and former roommate deal with the aftermath of the accident and the circumstances of her future become uncertain. Seeing Ashley take on a new career makes Avery happy.

“I’m so proud of her, we all are, as she is following her dreams and is well on her way,” DeLyons said.

Eubanks was on the pharmacy track and was looking forward to starting her future career as a pharmacist. While recovering, she started working for a national retailer and quickly rose through the ranks.

Her passion was always make-up – and anything beauty related for that matter. For fun, Eubanks enrolled in a skin care course to learn how to treat her skin. She said it was something that could help her “hide her biggest insecurity.”

During the course, she fell in love with the beauty profession and took it on as a hobby. Her first big job was doing make-up at her friend’s wedding. After that, she began booking photo shoots and television shows.

A stay in Atlanta allowed Ashley to make her first product, lip balm – and she had good motivation.

“I sold 600 tubes at four dollars each. The money started my niece’s college fund,” she said.

The success of the lip balm led her to making other products. To get the business started Eubanks “worked two jobs and did make-up on the side.”

All of the products are original and hand-made. Over the years, she plans to expand the company. Five years from now, the company plans to sell products in retail stores, and offer educational services. Customers will have courses on skincare and make-up application.

Eubanks believes, “if you don’t have confidence in your business, you’re not going to go far.”

Although she had to put her career on hold due to unforeseen circumstances, an opportunity for her to act on a passion of hers presented itself.

She knew the product would generate revenue, but she never expected the products to make her a millionaire. She loves the company so much that she’d “do it for free.”

The company has helped Ashley discover her calling by helping others deal with their insecurities when it comes to beauty.

After ten years working for the retailer, she decided to leave and dedicate all of her time to her business. It was hard for Eubanks to balance her time between her job and the company.

To her, Glitz N’ Glam is more than just make-up. “It’s an attitude – and a lifestyle.”

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