Simply Marvelous beats boy’s flag football teams


Florida A&M’s women’s flag football team, Simply Marvelous, usually lives up to the hype surrounding the team. Simply Marvelous has won eight national championships in its 16 years of existence.

The team won its first game of the FAMU recreation center intramural flag football tournament last week as well, 6-0. Simply Marvelous played one of the male teams in the tournament.

“We have smart players and we’re all athletes,” said Krysten Wilkerson, a senior construction-engineering student from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Wilkerson attributes the team’s winning streak to playing smart.

“Boys think it’s all about tackling,” she said. “It’s all about playing smart.”

Simply Marvelous is team of athletic and versatile women. Each player is able to play any position on the field, Wilkerson said. The team also knows that flag football is a mental sport, and that’s the advantage Simply Marvelous has on other teams.

“The game is 90 percent mental,” said Erika Collins, a third-year physical therapy student from Tallahassee. “The coach teaches us to be smart.”

Collins said the team’s strategy doesn’t change just because it plays against males.

 “We live up to the hype, and we have to be tough to play against boys,” Collins said.

“We like to win,” said Sheronta Williams, a senior sociology student from Tallahassee. “We’re known for winning. We like to live up to winning.”

Simply Marvelous practices two to three times a week and has 6:30 a.m. practices.

 “We have a good connection on and off the team,” Williams said.

Simply Marvelous’ good sportsmanship and levelheadedness allows the team to excel in the game. The women are able to handle criticism to become better players. Their sisterly bond inspires more females to try out for the team. Their winning streak is a testament to their passion, dedication and skill.  

Simply Marvelous played its second game last night against the Pressure Squad at 7. Further results will be published accordingly.