Senate votes to pay for health conference expenses


The senate voted unanimously to pass the bill to fund lodging , travel and other expenses for a student health organization conference trip.

The bill was one of three senate bills  proposed at Monday’s senate meeting. 

Representing the Future Public Health Professionals  was Vice President Brittny Wells, a second-year doctor of public health student from Las Vegas.

Wells said the organization was proud to represent FAMU at the largest meeting for public health professionals to recruit and network more people to attend school. 

Senator Gladys Murray introduced the bill, which asked to help pay for travel or lodging for FPHP to go to San Francisco for the American Public Health Association’s 140th annual meeting and exhibition on Oct. 27-30. “Our initial request was for $13,000,” Wells said. 

The amount was reduced when the organization gave the senate two options: sponsor the entire trip, travel and lodge included; or just pay for  half.

Murray passed around an FPHP table with options for the senators to choose from. Sen. Anthony Siders suggested option two, which includes lodging, number of nights and quantity for $3,900. 

Murray said paying for airfare and allowing the organization to pay for lodging would be more cost-efficient. 

Wells, however, requested the senate pay for lodging because the organization raised enough funds to travel but would find it difficult to find a place to stay.

“We did our part to work with the Senate to at least get some assistance,” Wells said. “The Senate is working very strictly with funding right now, so we did our best to work with them to get the best outcome for our organization as well.” 

FAMU Respiratory Care Association proposed a bill that would allow the organization to travel to New Orleans for five days. The expected cost of the trip is $4, 156.32.  

Murray, who authored the bill, said the organization originally wanted to rent cars, but said 20 members of the organization will carpool. Each member paid $180.00 to fund the trip. 

A motion to pass the bill is on the agenda for Monday’s meeting.

A new bill proposed to collaborate Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association with Florida State University’s SGA. President of the student senate Bernard Jackson authored the bill in “an effort to foster civic engagement would be beneficial to their respective student bodies,” as stated in the resolution bill.

The bill did not specify the events, but did mention past joint events such as the Big Event and the State of the Student Summit.

“What this does is it binds the universities together,” Jackson said. “We’ll work together to impact the community and our campuses for the greater good.”

The second reading of this bill will be held at the next meeting as well.

In addition, Sen. Modjinah Coby mentioned the Coleman Library Showcase is still expected to be held this semester and again in the spring. 

Auditions to host the fall showcase are Thursday from 5-8 p.m. in the senate chambers.