Reports show campus crime declining


Crime on campus has seen a slight decrease from last year. According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement statistics from January 2012-June 2012, there were 108 total offenses compared to the 112 total offenses that occurred from January 2011-June 2012. 

Although the total crime index revealed 108 offenses, there were only  four violent crimes reported.  In the first two quarters last year, there was one rape, three robberies and four aggravated assaults.

In the first two quarters this year, there was one rape, one robbery and two aggravated assaults. There was also a 30 percent decrease in thefts on campus (from buildings).

The decline in criminal activity can be attributed to the increase in police presence and also the sophistication of campus emergency systems.

Over 75 closed-circuit television cameras are strategically placed across campus and are in operation throughout the university’s campus 24-hours a day.

“There are so many of them. Sometimes I feel like they are watching me,” said Andrè Carbonell, a freshman psychology student from Jacksonville.”

When asked if there was enough of a police presence on campus, Carbonell said,”Yes, but I think they should focus more on the dark areas such as the path to Palmetto. That’s where someone is more likely to commit a crime, where there aren’t as many people around.”

 Criminal-minded individuals may also view the emergency blue light telephone system as a crime deterrent. The Department of Public Safety monitors the university’s emergency Blue Light system to facilitate reporting of emergencies.

The blue light system is an interactive communications system, which when activated, automatically relays the geographical location of the caller to the Police Communications System. “I can really appreciate the efforts FAMU puts into our safety,” said Chelsea Tindal, a junior food science student from Ocala, Fla.