Impressions of FAMU


I had the pleasure of being a part of the National Association of Black Journalists Multimedia Short Course at Florida A&M University Oct. 4 – Oct.6, and I must say that it was an incredible experience.

NABJ and FAMU did a fantastic job in both, selecting students and mentors to make this experience an enjoyable one.

However, the short course was just one of a host of the things that I admired at FAMU. The university campus is a giant piece of land with history laid in each brick.

From the Black Archives library to the Greek plot paintings on campus trees and the eternal flame. Not to mention, the university sits on the highest of seven hills.

But as I crossed the threshold of the front door to the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, I was shocked. Quite honestly, I felt like a child who had just opened his first Christmas gift and declared it his “favoritest” toy.

To see a building constructed of three floors that was designed for over 750 students to gain the insight of the media industry was an educational phenomenon.

I come from a department where mass communication serves as an umbrella with five concentrations and a hallway that holds our media outlets.

Now, by no means am I downgrading my institution, but the point that I am making, vehemently, is that FAMU should be commended for taking on the challenge in constructing a dwelling to educate students solely on journalism.

Also, it would be foolish of me if I didn’t commend the work of the SJGC professors. They were all extremely helpful and had an immense amount of knowledge about the industry and how it is evolving.

The professors and students of the institution were extremely hospitable. They received us with open arms and even told me where I can get my FAMU experience at the local barbecue tent near campus.

As Historically Black Colleges and Universities continue to fight for financial stability and enrollment numbers, FAMU serves as the appropriate institution to invite students across the nation to advance their journalistic knowledge and continues the mission of NABJ to diversify newsrooms globally.