Voter registration nears end


There is one more item some people may need to put on their last minute to-do lists-register to vote. 

The Tuesday deadline to register is swiftly approaching and college campuses are continuing to make registration available to residents.

Harrison Dubosar, Florida State Student Government Association director said FSU has always made registering to vote accessible.

Jalisa Brown, Florida A&M electoral commissioner, said “Right now we are trying to plan for the early voting,.” She said there are plans to lead 1000 students to the courthouse to participate in early voting.

FAMU SGA officials have reported they will go to all of the housing facilities on campus to do voter registration. SGA also plans to get involved with the march near the end of the month.

“We are definitely trying to be a part of that,” said Jeremy Davis, electoral commission communications chair. “We want as many people as possible to do early voting. That way, on the day of elections, we can focus more on trying to get those who haven’t voted to the polls.” 

Jamilya Gainey, fourth-year physical therapy student from Pensacola, has made sure she’s ready to cast her vote on Nov. 6. 


“If people haven’t registered by now,” Gainey said. “It’s probably because they’re undecided, or don’t know the importance of their vote.”

There are currently 182,972 active registered voters in Leon County.

The Office of Supervisor of Elections informed that there will be voter registration booths at every Walgreens in town from 10 a.m. to  Registrar’s will be at the downtown library until 9 p.m. and New Leaf Market 10p.m.