Students hope to bring a different perspective


A group of Florida A&M University students will unveil a movie in hopes of changing the perception of the African-American collegiate experience.

According to the producers, the feature length film “The Hill” will display the true FAMU experience. “The Hill” will focus on a young male FAMU student who endures conflicts and struggles during his journey to success.

Screenwriter and director Troy Harris, a graduating business administration student from Decatur, Ga., and producer Iman Sandifer, a fifth-year history education student from Hallandale, Fla., will lead the project.

Harris and Sandifer started The CASUCS (pronounced KASH-USS) Group, a project management company whose mission is to inspire every student through cultural awareness, creativity and collaboration. ?

“The purpose of this film is to show HBCUs in a more positive and truthful light,” Harris said.

His inspiration came from films such as “The Chocolate City” and “Stomp the Yard,” which were produced by FAMU alumni Greg Anderson, Rob Hardy and Will Packer.

“The Hill” has stirred up buzz among students on FAMU’s campus considering events involving the student body and administration. A hot button topic on the yard is physical and mental abuse among registered student organizations, which is commonly known as hazing.

Hazing made headlines in Nov. 2011 after drum major Robert Champion was allegedly beaten to death by members of the Marching “100.”

Keith Moses, a fifth-year biology student, said the movie will bring good exposure for the university, especially after the hazing issues.

Since this event, FAMU’s reputation has been battered in the media and students are dealing with the repercussions. The film will showcase that HBCUs aren’t just about bands or hazing. They offer a genuine experience.