Students recognize poetry’s achievements


Saturday marked the global celebration of 100 Thousand Poets for Change, a worldwide event organized by Michael Rotenberg and Terri Carrion in March 2011.


Kristen Snodgrass, an English professor at Florida A&M University, held a local event of poets reciting poetry in honor of the worldwide event at Railroad Square.


“Students are encouraged to come out and experience an event full of poetry,” said Snodgrass.


100 Thousand Poets for Change is an international grassroots educational organization focusing on the arts, such as poetry and music.


Event organizers around the world volunteered to host associated events in their own cities or schools. Allowing the day to carry 700 events in 550 cities in 95 countries.


Simultaneously, the event was a demonstration and celebration of poetry, music and art promoting social, environmental and political change.


While a transformation towards a more sustainable world is a concern, it could also be a global guide for such effort.


Both students from FAMU and FSU were in attendance of Saturday’s events.


Bobbi Rush, an art history student at FSU expressed the need for poetry and other art.

“The ways of society are in desperate needs,” said Rush. “It’s important for artists to use their gifts and talents for a better good.”


A number of local poets and musicians performed, including Snodgrass. Poems about everyday life to world like issues.


“Happy to see the faces come out in support of todays events,” said Snodgrass.


Members of both Voices FAMU poetry group as well as Black on Black Rhyme were in attendance.


Patrice Heismen, a frequent poet of Black on Black Rhyme poetry nit expressed the importance of 100TPC.


“There is an increasing sense that we ned to move forward and stop moving backwards,” said Heismen “This will change how we see our local communities as well as our global community.


The concept of “Change” refers to social change. However it is broadly defined and dependent on the definition of organizers and poets.


While 100TPC does not share political or philosophical, the change is only to fall within the guidelines of peace and sustainability according to the