Fashion is the new passion for men


Many men are swapping their basketball shorts and t-shirts for khakis and bow ties in an attempt become more fashionable.


Over the years, gay men have always been fashion conscious. However, in the past the average man hasn’t been as concerned with what he wears.


That’s all changing.


Even the most macho men are becoming concerned with how they present themselves. Straight men, athletes and intellectuals alike are all becoming more fashion-conscious.


“There has been a change in men’s attitudes toward their clothes,” said Calvin Klein, founder of Calvin Klein Ltd., in an interview withEvan Carmichael Magazine. “American men are more aware of fashion; they’re not afraid of it and they like clothes better and are willing to spend more time and money choosing them.”


While there is a time and a place for casual attire, it’s no longer appropriate in certain circumstances. Some men, including students at Florida A&M, are finding that being more fashion-conscious on a regular basis is necessary.


“As a guy, it is absolutely important to dress well everyday,” said Andrew Palmer IV, a third-year biology student from Atlanta. “It shows the world a fragment of your character and where you’re going. Some might want to impress others, but others just do it to feel good.”


Although appearances aren’t everything, it’s natural to initially be attracted to someone’s looks. A polished style will usually aid men in finding a polished partner.


Sierra Hudson, 22, a third-year elementary education and psychology student from Landover, Md., said she has no preference when it comes to what style of clothing a guy wears.


“You are more likely to attract a well put together female if you are put together yourself,” Hudson said. “It’s all about dressing appropriately for a school setting, but I just don’t think seeing undergarments are ever appropriate for males or females.”


Most women have similar key items in their closets that they accessorize to show their individuality. This is true for men as well. A few pairs of jeans and sneakers, some slacks and jackets, and at least one pair of dress shoes are important staples of a man’s wardrobe. The brands and styles they choose often reflect their personal style.


“There are many important items a man should own – business attire being the most important,” Palmer said. “However, we all like to be different, so red high-top Chucks, cargos, cut-off jeans and tank tops are really the key items for me. There is no better feeling than expressing yourself through fashion.”