No student travel packages for 2012-2013 school year


This year, students have to find their own way to the Atlanta Classic.


Florida A&M’s Office of Student Activities is no longer offering student packages, which covered the cost of transportation, hotel expenses and a ticket to the football game.


Dean of Students Henry Kirby said this year they discovered that the $90 bundle wasn’t enough to cover all of the expenses.


“We want to make sure that in the future, that the ticket prices covers everything,” Kirby said. “We want to make sure that the package experience is greater.”


Despite students having to fund their own trip, Kirby said he doesn’t think this will stop students from heading to the classic games.


Gregory George, a third-year political science student from Miami, has purchased the package since his freshman year. He said it’s unfortunate they aren’t available this time around.


“It was an affordable way for students to get out and support the team,” said George, “and spend time with their fellow classmates.”


Jonathan Owens, a third-year animal science student from Stuart, Fla., is unsure if he’ll make it to the game this weekend. He said not being able to buy a package is unfair to the student body and thinks attendance will be low as a result.

“When I was a freshman, we had the opportunity to go,” said Owens, “and I think everybody should have that same opportunity.”  


Kirby said the packages will be offered again next year, but students may have to pay more. However, he said he doesn’t anticipate the price exceeding $150.