Co-Ed visitation is necessary for education


Where does Florida A&M get off with such a policy, banning co-ed visitation within its residential facilities? Those of you who have read some of my articles know I typically write the conservative perspective of the issues I discuss, however I’m offering a change in perspective. The tone of this article will be that of liberal McMiller. Why? Well I am glad you asked. I do not believe it is the position of governing entities to regulate a person’s private actions.

FAMU should not try to control what they deem are students’ “promiscuous” actions through co-ed visitation regulation. The problem with that is, college is what I call, “The last half step of the final step into the real world.” If students aren’t allowed to fall and make some mistakes and learn from them now, when they make the same mistake in the real world, they will be in for a rude awakening.

The other issue is that these policies don’t eliminate such activity; it only sparks rebellion and civil disobedience against the policies.

And when does the university want student responsibility to kick in? Only when it comes to deciding whether or not to be hazed? The university is not consistent on the positions of its own policies if that’s the case.

“it [co-ed visitation] should be allowed because they [students] see each other regardless,” said Jasmine Sanders, a first year occupational therapy student.

Sanders asked me if Florida State University allows co-ed visitation and I responded in the affirmative. “It seems if FAMU is stereotyping African-Americans to be up to no good,” said Sanders.

Well FAMU, are you stereotyping your students? Other historically black colleges and universities, other big ten universities and even the university across the tracks has co-ed visitation.

If students can’t have co-ed visitation for academic purposes then the burden falls on administrators to create places where co-ed academic assignments can be completed in the evening like other universities provide.

The university does not provide 24-hour libraries; it does not provide 24-hour secured co-ed lobbies for residential facilities. However they provide regulations for what you are not to do, and therefore specializes in stunting students’ academic growth.

Finally celebrating this 125th anniversary milestone, it’s time to realize that we have entered a new millennium, and a new social order that is acceptable of co-ed visitation.

We have to realize the fact that FAMU is a public – not a private  – institution, and needs to act accordingly. So FAMU, don’t stunt your students’ growth and the growth of your institution with inhibiting policies.