SGA informs students about budget, expenses


Florida A&M’s Student Government Association shared updates on recent campus changes Monday.

Student Body Vice President Michael Jefferson addressed information about the upcoming Atlanta Classic and ticket packages.

“We will not have the student packages this year, but we need as many students to attend,” Jefferson said.

Student Activities member Antorris Williams spoke about the new senior Graduate Record Examinations prep classes being offered to students for free. An SGA member asked Williams what is the current operating budget per class.

“The funds are split equally six ways, being that now we only have access to 35 percent of the general budget,” Williams said.

After a brief roll call of each senator, fourth-year FAMU student Malik Mangum approached the stand to propose his plea to become the deputy of the secretary of economic development.

Right away, the committee pitched various questions concerning Mangum’s qualifications.

Senator Modjinah Coby asked, “The attendance was poor last year at the State of the Black Student Summit -how do you plan to improve this?”

“Last year, it was all about big names,” Mangum said. “I want to bring in alumnus; people we can relate to.”

Senator Anthony Siders said he made a promise upon becoming part of the Senate back in 2008 to be the voice of the students.

“I will personally write the bill to help fund the facility,” Siders said.

He also discussed his desire to dispel the rumors about the activities and services government unapproachable manner. He said the funds have been and are available to clubs and organizations that have access to it.

“We are moving towards becoming a student friendly organization,” Siders said.