Websites to help students succeed


With the fall semester under way, students should know some go-to websites for anything from cheap textbooks to helpful educational tools. Making college life easier is essential for students on The Hill and campuses everywhere. – Chegg is a textbook rental site where students can sell, rent and buy books. Students can simply order the books, have them shipped to their address and return texts at the end of the semester. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Chegg. -If you haven’t noticed yet, college is expensive, but have no fear. is a free (and legit) service that consolidates all your financial information into one place. It’s a great tool for college students who need practice budgeting their money. 


“Students are looking for something for something that will make their lives much easier,” said Vaneshia Carr, a freshman student adviser at Florida State University. “In this digitized world, students are taking advantage of the opportunities.”


Groupon – Groupon is a service that offers daily deals that range from restaurant coupons to deals on travel and tangible goods. –  StudentUniverse is one of the largest student travel sites in the U.S. that provides outstanding deals to students all over the world. Travel without breaking your bank.

” Being able to use Student Universe, I’m able to go back home more often, said Rachel Cheers, a second year English student from Chicago. “It’s cheap and effective and saves my mamma loads of money.”


EasyBib – One of the easiest bibliography generating sites is Students can either manually plug in a source’s information or simply type the title of the source and the website will generate an up-to-date, properly formatted MLA citation.


Dropbox – Anybody need space? Dropbox is a cloud tool that allows you to save and access files from you smartphone, tablet or computer. Registering is free, and Dropbox gives you two gigabytes of space.


JSTOR– JSTOR, short for Journal Storage, is an online archive of hundreds of full-text academic journals, with some dating as far back as 1665. However, without an individual subscription, content can only be accessed through libraries, publishers and universities portals.


Supercook – Typical cooking sites list recipes and ingredients that you run out and get for your next meals. asks users to type in ingredients you already have. After entering the ingredients, Supercook searches its database of recipes and gives you a list of meals you can make with the items you entered.

“I love cooking,” said Katrina Springs, a senior social science student from Atlanta. ” With Supercook, I’m able to be as creative as I want and try to different things that will ultimately make my meal taste better.”

Blackfashion.tumblr – Do you ever run out of fashion ideas? Keeping up with the latest concepts can be overwhelming, but this site is always a great go-to for inspiration. You may be lucky enough to find a fellow Rattler on the site.