Flag football preview


The flag football season has started. The infamous Simply Marvelous women’s flag football team has been the headliner for the flag football season so far.

            The recreation center has made it a point this season to make sure women are included in all of the events that they are offering this semester. This is because this is the 40th year that the Title IX law that was enacted. Title IX was enacted to make sure that women had equal rights in sporting events. The Simply Marvelous women’s flag football team does this law justice by beating up on their male counterparts every year around this time.

            Head coach of the Simply Marvelous women’s flag football team Marvin Green started the women’s flag football team 17 years ago. He also started a traveling men’s team called Black Magic. He has coached the team to numerous national championships.

            “I just wanted to help the girls really,” said Green in an earlier interview.

            “We are all talented and we blend together well,” said Ericca Collins, junior quarterback for the Simply Marvelous women’s flag football team. Collins is a third year physical therapy student from Tallahassee. She has been the team’s starting quarterback since her freshman year.

            The Simply Marvelous women’s flag football team ended up finishing in the top 4 of the 16 team tournament set up by the recreation center. They usually play in a city league tournament that they pay to play in. Green said he wanted to bring “the show” to campus this year.

            Last night the championship of the preseason tournament was played. The game was between the Lauderdale Raiders and Bread Up. The Lauderdale Raiders ended up winning the tournament 23-21 on a last minute defensive safety. Last spring, these two team played in the championship game as well with the Lauderdale Raiders getting the win. This intramural flag football season promises to be an exciting one.

            Campus recreation director Robert Carroll said  that they had a lot of talent out there. He was excited about the turnout and hope more people come out to watch the games during the regular season. Carroll also said that 24 teams have signed up for the regular season tournament so far which is more team that they had last year.

            The regular season of the flag football tournament starts next Wednesday. Rattlers are encouraged to come out and show support.