Can a bad internship be a good thing?


Most college students dream of getting an internship that will help launch their future career paths, but many suffer at the hands of bad experiences that ultimately change their futures entirely.


The purpose of internships is to give individuals the opportunity to grow professionally via hands-on experience.


Katrina Hosea, a senior business student from Atlanta, described her experience as frightening, which caused her to change her major.


“I originally was a journalism major,” said Hosea. “After interning for the Tallahassee Democrat, I knew I wasn’t cut out to be a journalist. The following semester, I changed my major to business administration.”


The career center’s mission statement includes preparing opportunities for students pursuing meaningful careers and providing comprehensive and progressive career planning and placement.


According to Florida State University’s Career Center, studies show 60 percent of students who complete an internship or co-op are offered full-time employment after graduation..


Juliette McDonald, the director of FSU’s Career Center Program, believes that experience counts.


“Whether the internship is good or bad,” said McDonald, “it’s also important to remember that you are a representation of a brand.”


Ramon Washington, a recent graduate of FSU’s School of Business from Tallahassee, expressed his love-hate relationship for his internship with Publix, which helped him land a permanent position with the company.


“I hated my internship with them and it wasn’t my ideal career path,” said Washington. “However, I knew I was a representation of FAMU. I was later offered a job within the company.”


According to USA Today, a bad internship experience can help identify professional needs and preferences to avoid toxic positions in the future.


USA Today also encouraged interns to make the best use of their time and take on the opportunity to challenge all aspects of the job.  


College graduates like Jernard Smith know what it’s like to have horrific internship experiences.


“I’m grateful I had an internship during my sophomore year of college,” said Smith. “It allowed me the opportunity to change my major and career path before it was too late.”