Thumbing through the check


I have been a student here for three years and I have seen six net check seasons come and go. The common factor that is shared among each and every net check season that has gone and those that will come is the undisputed fact that people are going to enter that, “Keeping Up With The Joneses” mentality.

Simply put, rather than using the net check to address the outstanding financial obligations we face, an overwhelming amount of us (students) become an economic stimulus to the Tallahassee community.

I subscribe to the belief that most of us are not receiving a net check but rathera “Debt Check”. Expound on that McMiller!!! I am glad to do so. Within the African American community we have a preexisting stigma that we do not manage money correctly.

Therefore when we get these net checks and we go spending to catch up with the latest fads and have all the latest technology, we are merely feeding into this negative stigma.

We have the misconception that so long as I pay my rent and utilities up for the semester then HEY IM OK!

But that frame of thinking is irresponsible and will lead to your inevitable financial doom.  It is important to surround yourself with responsible people.

Desarai Quinn, a third year healthcare management student from Lakeland, Fla., tries to be more responsible with her money.

“I don’t have a net check because all of my check goes towards paying my bills,” said Quinn.  “I didn’t get one (net check) freshman year but sophomore year I had an apartment. Clothes and shoes will come and go. But I am going to need a place to stay. “

What is worse is when students take unnecessary loans in order to receive a net check.

“I think its irresponsible for students who are taking extra loans to receive a net check. It leads to a sure path of destruction,” said Gregory George, a 3rd year political science student from Miami, Fla.

So it becomes imperative that if you are one of the people that I am talking about, then you need to transform this negative behavior. Sure you can get the iPhone 5, some new Jordan’s, and be fresh to death but is it worth the death of your financial future.

So I pose to you the question again, are you receiving a NET CHECK or a DEBT CHECK!!!