FAMU lacks funds for recreation center



Florida A&M University students are now faced with the task of finding new places to workout with the Hansel E. Tookes recreational center in jeopardy of being shut down.


Due to lack of funds the recreational center has had to cutback its hours of operation. There isn’t enough funding to keep the rec center maintained during its normal hours of operation. Students have started going to other gyms to get their daily exercise in.


“If the rec center were to be shut down, I guess I would just go join a gym somewhere in the city,” said Sheenna McKenzie, a senior sociology student from Auburndale, Fla., and regular attendant of the rec center. “I had a membership at a gym back home so I don’t mind getting one in Tallahassee.”

Most students aren’t shocked to find out the recreational center might get shut down.


“I probably wouldn’t join a gym if the rec center was to close, only because it’s so convenient for me,” said Alissa Morgan, a third-year nursing student from Atlanta who regularly exercises at the rec. “It’s right on campus.”


“I honestly don’t even know where another facility is located so I probably wouldn’t be motivated to find one,” said Morgan. “I’ll just stick to running the track.”


Robert Carroll, director of campus recreation, is very passionate about his job. He believes the rec center is a student investment. However, it only has enough supplies to make it through the week.


“You would think if you invested in a $10 million facility, you would keep it maintained,” said Carroll.


Gladys Murray, a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Orlando, is the organization and finance chair for the SGA Senate. She said right now the SGA Senate doesn’t have the funds to allocate to the recreational center. However, they will ask vice president of student affairs William Hudson to give the recreational center the money.

The rec center needs approximately $56,000 to stay maintained. If the university cannot come up with the funds, the rec center will shut down.