Enrollment numbers decrease


A preliminary report shows that Florida A&M’s enrollment has declined by more than 1,100 students. According to the Registrar’s Office, as of Sept. 13, FAMU’s enrollment for this school year is 12,035, significantly lower than that of a year ago.


“Current students will be affected by a decline in the amount of A&S funds available,” said William Hudson Jr., vice president of student affairs. “This will affect departments and organizations that depend on A&S funds in their budget to provide services to students.”


Services such as the Hansel E. Tookes Sr. Student Recreation Center and the Commons are included in the annual activity and services budget, which is managed by the Student Senate. The A&S fees are assessed from each student based on how many credit hours they are enrolled.


Hudson said there was a variety of factors that contributed to the low enrollment numbers.


“I think it’s a combination of several different reasons,” said Hudson. “The economy could have had an impact. Look at national trends of the decline of enrollment of African-Americans. I know a lot of people are saying the issue with the hazing in the band could have had an impact.”


To curb the effects of the lower enrollment, Student Body President Marissa West has proposed various plans for this year.


“I’ve been in conversation and working with Enrollment Management, as well as Student Affairs, to set up a situation where we reach out to alumni chapters in cities that we’ve had good relationships with,” said West.


West hopes to organize a recruitment trip during the school year where she and other students can reestablish estranged relationships between students and FAMU alumni.


“We are looking toward the future,” said Darryl Gordon, chief of staff for the West and Jefferson Administration. “There is nothing that we can really do at this point to raise enrollment this year. We are planning to make strides in recruitment for future Rattlers, even going as far to plan a local tour to focus on students that are right in our backyard.”