Campus Rec TV revamps staff, leadership, ideas


In the midst of all the hustle and bustle sits the excited and optimistic Campus Rec TV crew. For the first time in its short existence, Campus Rec TV is ready to release a fresh new blend of entertainment and information under new leadership.

      It was more than10 years ago when the idea of a state-of-the-art campus recreation program first came to Robert Carroll Jr., the director of campus recreation. Over the years, the campus recreation program became one of the best programs on campus. But Carroll still wasn’t completely satisfied. He wanted to reach more people, and that desire led to the birth of Campus Rec TV.

       Starting the channel took time and dedication. After various obstacles, a staff was assembled and so it began.

       The first to take charge of the program was Roger Chantrielle. Chantrielle and Carroll are solely responsible for what Campus Rec TV is today, implementing stories and coverage that was mostly new to Florida A&M.

No one had ever seen intramural sports covered on TV. This program served as a gateway for students to engage in activities they would have never imagined.

       Donald Morgan is the new senior production specialist at Campus Rec TV. Accompanied by his younger brother, Morgan and his crew are bringing excitement to the Campus Rec TV brand.

        “Hehas a keen eye for being creative,” said Carroll speaking of Morgan. “He brings a new perspective with energy and commitment.”

            The ability to connect with a college atmosphere has also made this job easier for 21-year-old Morgan.

            “We are excited about the direction we are going in,” said Morgan.

       Morgan is ready to embark on the journey of heading Campus Rec TV. Top 10 plays of the week, fitness facts, campus rec Q&A, the Student Government Association’s Rattler’s Voice, broader sports coverage, nutritional tips and raiding social networks are some of the ideas Morgan has for Campus Rec TV.

            This program has also benefited Morgan’s younger brother Donquain. Donquain is a first-year sports management student from Miami. He’s also excited about the new ideas that Campus Rec TV has planned.