Tallahassee makes improvements for cyclists


Put your pedal to the medal! Florida A&M University’s students can continue to take advantage using bicycles rather than a car or bus as transportation. The city of Tallahassee has joined with Leon County to improve bicycling transportation.

“The goal is to get citizens involved and help the city and the county improve bicycling in the communities and become a silver or gold level one day,” said Megan Doherty, transportation coordinator for the Department of Planning.

The City of Tallahassee Planning Department is coordinating a workgroup to develop varieties of cycling related topics to promote bicycling and increase transportation. Those interested in the workgroup will help review the proposed bicycle route for Leon County and the repaving projects for communities to incorporate bicycling. They will also provide input on proposed bicycle-related projects in the community.

“I think the workgroup could really convince more people to ride bicycles and educate people on the perks of riding a bicycle, “said Dominique Key, senior political science student from Orlando.  “Cycling has benefitted me greatly. Not only does it help me get around especially to class but it keeps me in great shape.”

The members of the workgroup will be made up of 12 members, with half being appointed by the county and half by the city. The workgroup memberships are multi-year and the group will meet roughly once every quarter. 

“This committee will provide an opportunity for citizens interested in bicycling to assist the city and county in improving bicycling opportunities throughout our community,” said Wayne Tedder, Director of Planning, Land Management and Community Enhancement (PLACE).

The city has made strides toward making bicycling more feasible within Tallahassee. The planning department is still working on improvements to increase the miles of bike lanes in the city.

“The city and county commission continue to show their support for bicycle ridership in our community, whether it is for health, recreation or as a primary source of transportation for citizens,” Tedder said.

The applications for the workgroup are available in the city of Tallahassee and Leon County websites. You can also submit your application directly to Megan Doherty via email: megan.doherty@talgov.com. They will be accepting applications until Friday Sept. 28.