Is ‘Set Friday’ pushing daisies?


Whether it’s the musical sounds of DJ Loosekid or the plethora of unique vendors ready to display their merchandise, Florida A&M University’s ‘Set Friday’ allows every rattler to kick back and be themselves. In the name of tradition, it is important to keep the value of ‘Set Friday’ significant, even to the ‘baby rattlers’ approaching the Hill for the first time.

The ‘Set Friday’ culture stands in its own lane on the ‘Hill’. Students anticipate this momentous event every week. But as a fourth year student, I question if this historical tradition has lost its value or if it is still advancing. Although, the crowd definitely packs out the ‘Set’, I wonder if the events on the ‘Set’ still engage the crowd.

Last week, after the first ‘Set Friday’ of the semester ended, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of crowd participation. New students deserved a proper introduction to the ‘Hill’ but the DJs played the same music, had their same order of events and showed less rattler spirit. ‘Set Friday’ should always be progressing every year. Even as a senior I want to look forward to ‘Set Friday’ events. Of course I expect the famous greek strolls, roll call of hometowns and even the outrageous fashions, but as a rattler I expect more!

  Despite my views on ‘Set Friday’ being on the decline, there are other students who believe ‘Set Friday’ doesn’t need to be a “major production.” Some students think as long as there is the same good music and a big crowd, nothing else matters. However, there are some students who believe that ‘Set Friday’ will continue to advance.

“Set Friday is forever evolving into something bigger,” said Christopher Richards, a senior, criminal justice student who is also a campus video jockey. “It’s a good foundation for new talents around campus.”

Shani Rose, a fourth year nursing student who is new to the Hill, said she did not expect much from ‘Set Friday’, “It’s only 2 hours to kickback, have fun, and carry on to your next class.”

One thing we can all agree on is ‘Set Friday’ will never slow down. The student body depends on this tradition to balance the pressures of college life. The biggest solution to sustain ‘Set Friday’s’ tradition is to consistently give students a reason to come back every week. Without student participation, none of the campus activities would survive. Set Friday is one of the many facets of FAMU. It is up to the student body, no matter the classification, to keep the tradition alive.