Anti-hazing website launched


A week after the suspension of the Torque Dance Team, Florida A&M officials announced the launch of a new anti-hazing website and regulations for all students registering in the future.

The interactive website, accompanied with a new anti-hazing pledge, is just one component of the anti-hazing plan led by the Board of Trustees.

“Everyone on campus needs to be unified in the fight against hazing,” Interim President Larry Robinson said in a press release. “We will continue to enact change, positively empower our students and provide resources going forward to ensure that we provide a safer and healthier environment for learning.”

A diverse group of students and faculty voice their concerns through video messages and anti-hazing content.

The new plan requires that all students sign the anti-hazing pledge before registering for classes in the spring of 2013. The pledge, accessible at, states that students must report all hazing activity.

Although many students have signed anti-hazing pledges before, SGA President Marissa West believes this one should be taken more seriously.

“I think this hazing pledge should be regarded with more seriousness and understanding of how one person’s careless actions has the potential to ruin things for all of our campus organizations,” West said.

Brittany Gaston, a fourth-year occupational wellness student from Orlando, believes the website is just what the campus needs to rise above recent events.

“I definitely think it will be effective and it will provide students with more knowledge about hazing,” Gaston said. “Now that we know the school is really cracking down on hazing, I hope that we stop the hazing in order to restore our reputation.”

University officials hope the website will not only serve as a model for FAMU students, but other universities across the nation. Administrators also plan to implement more informational sessions and social media outlets throughout the school year.

Sharon Saunders, FAMU’s chief communications officer said, “This website was specifically designed to educate the FAMU community on hazing