Gone are the days…


I wonder where the good old days in the U.S. are. It feels that we are as far from the mark as we’ve been in decades.

The foundations of law, equality and democracy don’t seem to have any bearing on the world anymore. The people who hold the reigns are just as greedy as what they claim not to be. The same people are entrusted with the task of carrying out everyone’s best interest. In 2012, anyone who saw the jammed stage of contenders for president drop to the supposed best candidates could’ve smelled the hubris from across the country.

Instead of chasing all the fame and glory that comes with it, I just want someone who is going to do something for us; not the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.

What has always seemed to be a hard reality–diligent work and respect– is turning its back on people who put faith into the system and believed  that it was the way to success.

The primaries are over, and we are down to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

It has turned into a “What do I need to say now?” scenario while flashbulbs spark and the questions fly. Ann Romney says the attention placed on her husband is undue, and she’s upset. If you want to see upset, walk down the block and ask your neighbor how’s it going.