Signs You’re A True 90’s Kid


Furbys, Tamagotchis and Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems (SNES) are all remnants that remind students of their golden childhoods.

Children either owned these items or begged their parents to purchase one, if not all. The 90’s era is certainly a period in which Famuans can recall, considering the majority of students on campus are products of the 90s. However, just being born during this period doesn’t classify you as a true 90s kid.

The unique toys, gaudy fashion trends and memorable experiences demonstrate the authenticity of a true 90’s baby.

Television shows and movies like “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” (1992-1996) “Rocko’s Modern Life,”(1993-1996) and the movie “Space Jam,” (1996) are all 90’s classics.

“Gullah Gullah Island was by far my favorite TV show,” said Michael Ducre, a senior criminal justice student from Orlando, Fla. “I mainly watched it because of the big yellow frog, Binyah Binyah [Polliwog]. It taught me great life lessons.”

Other movies also create a euphoric environment for young minds alike.

“Aladdin had me amazed,” said Jordan Baker, a sophomore criminal justice student from West Palm Beach, Fla. “Just the fact that he could ride on a magic carpet, I knew I had to get this movie. The genie had me secretly rubbing lamps just to see what would happen.”

Rubbing lamps as a way to make a genie appear isn’t the only way a 90’s kid would attempt to receive their own dose of magic.

Toys were always on the must-have list, and some even made their way from earlier years back into the era, making it, yet again, a roaring attraction.

“I used to do everything with my Slinky,” said Baker. “I would put it down on the stairs. I would put it on my wrist and wear it as a bracelet.

Undoubtedly, the 90’s was the era of pop music. Groups like *NSync, Spice Girls, and artists like Britney Spears took the music charts by storm.

“‘Genie in a Bottle’ by Christina Aguilera was a song that I constantly played,” said Akia Semply, a senior theater student from Lithonia, Ga. “I wanted to learn and sing to it.”

Fashion,was also clearly evident during this time.

“You had to own a pair of overalls,” said Baker. “Everyone wore them. Even in music videos–Missy Elliot and TLC. You’d buckle one strap and leave the other one hanging.”

Although the 90’s are a memorable time period, the transition into the new millennium had many people worried.

“Y2K was crazy, my mother made us pray everyday,” said Semply. “We were in the basement praying at 11:58 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. And at 12:03 a.m. on New Year’s Day, I’m like, ‘What’s going on, the world’s not ending?’”

The 90’s unquestionably went through a variety of phases, from LL Cool J’s infamous “one pant leg rolled up and the other down” to the Beanie Baby craze. The 90’s has proven to be an era that is both unforgettable and everlasting.