No vote ‘rocks the boat’


I did not vote in the 2008 election. There, I said it. I did try to vote in the “historical” election. But I didn’t register in time, and I was unable to vote for change.


However, President Barack Obama won without my vote.


I’m registered to vote in November, but I don’t think I’m going to take advantage. You can say the media made my decision.


California rapper Kendrick Lamar said in an interview that he doesn’t believe in voting and received instant criticism.


But I might have been the lone wolf on Lamar’s side.


I’m not into the conspiracy theory that the president doesn’t matter in politics. I don’t like how this election is shaping up, and I don’t want to contribute either way.


I know every vote counts. This was evident in the 2000 election when the state of Florida was decided by just 532 votes. However, my life hasn’t changed during former President George W. Bush nor President Obama’s administrations.


I’m still paying a lot for gas. I’m still a struggling college student, and I’ll probably have to amputate my right leg to pay off my student loans.


The public will complain no matter who is president. That’s what the political commentators get paid for and what the public does for free.


The fight will never end, so I should not have to choose a side.


It’s fine to play the middle ground. In August, President Obama funded his own campaign. That only proved he believed in himself. Most of us do. That solidified my decision to steer clear of the polls.


Nov. 2 will be a normal day for me.