Minority in the minority


It is important for all people to understand the political party they represent and why.There is no greater misrepresentation than to profess an ideal that you’re unclear of.


Therefore, I’ll take the opportunity to explain why I am a black Republican.


Social Issues such as abortion, gay marriage and additional fiscal issues converted me from the Democratic Party.


My rationale is best summarized in the words of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie  who said, “I’ll never compromise my principles for politics.”


I do not support abortion except for in the cases of rape, incest, or threat to the health of the mother. I recognize life at the moment of conception. I consider the “fetus” a human being and that it has every right to live.


I support the Defense of Marriage Act signed under former President  Bill Clinton that says marriage is a “legal union between one man and one woman…”


On the issue of gay marriage I stand with the Republican Party in opposing it. To allow these actions is to comingle the affairs of the church and the state which liberals typically like to avoid.


However, I am not opposed to the lesser, yet inclusive, alternative of civil unions.


I favor equal tax rates across the board, but I don’t support the liberal approach to taxation on the basis of what I call class warfare.


Simply put, no one should pay more because they make more. That is penalizing prosperity.


In entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid, these programs are running in a deficit creating problems for my future children and grandchildren, and ultimately me. It screams the need for restructuring not elimination.


I support programs that have sound fiscal operations. Additionally, I support programs for those who need them, not those who abuse the system. People who take advantage of resources should have restricted time caps on usage of these programs because they burden American taxpayers.


Before you bash a person’s ideals I encourage you to first hear them out. Our political views may differ but the common thing we all share is humanity.