A frame is worth 1000 words


A picture without a frame is simply a piece of paper. The same is true for President Barak Obama’s political agenda. Framing at a presidential debate is the only way the Democratic Party is going to move the president’s agenda forward and win. The 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. is a step in the right direction.

The tone of the convention turned the page past “Hope and Change.”

President Obama’s passing of health care reform reflects the change he promised.

Obama avoided devastation by winning his health care debate. In fact, this was an issue that his predecessor, former president Bill Clinton, bypassed in fear of losing his own presidential re-election. Yet, Obama stood his ground.

In the end, not even partisan politics or the Supreme Court could stop 32 million Americans from having access to affordable health care.

Frankly, that’s what I call, “change you can believe in”. Even though Obama jumped many hurdles during his administration, his biggest obstacle is reuniting the forces that got him into the White House.

The Obama campaign will have to work harder than ever before to continue to convey his message. It is harder to convince the public that a re-election is necessary. Sometimes it is just easier to rally the public behind a new candidate. To keep his base it’s going to take determination and fortitude. He’s going to have to circle the wagons and forge ahead.

In 2008 there was no other candidate that could rally a base better than Obama. This was a surprising nuance for people who saw him do this successfully during the Iowa Caucus.

So what does all of this mean for the Romney Camp?

The well-framed agenda, a solid political message and a charismatic candidate in Obama sent the Romney camp into a tailspin. They just don’t match up.

Romney may have more money but he gets the same amount of time to run for President. The “pay for play” method may not give him a considerable advantage.

According to Republican strategist, Alex Castellanos, “This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama”.