Media darkens the black image


The negative depictions of African-Americans in the media have done incalculable damage to how blacks are actually perceived in society.

In history, African-Americans spoke freely to their oppressors, enlightening them with sophisticated speeches. Even with nonviolent actions, society portrays African-Americans violently in the news. African-Americans have taken beatings because of their race, but they still receive the image of violence and rage.

The treatment of  African -Americans  mirrors the treatment of Florida A&M. 

The  university  was plastered on major news channels like CNN and FOX due to the hazing situation. The story circulated around the world, but the positive news of Brandon Mitchell, a FAMU alumnus auditioning and receiving a spot on So You Think You Can Dancedidn’t make it to the headquarters of primetime TV.

It’s hard to understand how society has placed African-Americans in one role.

The opinions society has made on African-Americans can make black youth formulate ideas of how they should act based on what they watch in movies and see on TV. If minority children are growing up without seeing diversity, they may feel as if they don’t belong.

In television shows, such as Good Morning America and The Doctors, there is one African-American female and the rest of the cast is Caucasian.

The battle for equality should begin with African-Americans abandoning stereotypes with negative connotations and adopting more respectable roles.