Valet service offers convenience


Students often worry about being late for class and the hassle of finding parking. But a new parking service may get rid of the headaches for good.

No Time Wasted (NTW) is a valet company serving Florida A&M students, faculty and visitors between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Lowell Crawford, a FAMU alumnus and the owner of NTW, started this company after graduating this past summer.

Services are located at three locations on campus: 1960 Martin Luther King Blvd. (across the street from the School of Architecture), the School of Allied Health and the School of Business and Industry. He chose locations that provide convenience for students.

“You’re going to have those days where you’re running late, have to cram for a test, or it’s raining really hard. NTW will save you that time and headache,” Crawford said.

Students can drive to a location, get a valet ticket, let the attendants know what time they’re expected back, and when they’re ready, call or text NTW. There are several price packages for students and faculty: $5 a day for 3 hours or less, $10 a day for 3 hours or more, $18 a week and $50 a month. They even offer their services for $180 for a full semester.

Emilio Hall, a junior education student from Miami, has used the service and has proven it to be reliable and professional.

“This is the best idea anyone could have ever thought of,” Hall said. “I don’t even have to park my own car.”

Crawford believes that, with the service, attendance rates will improve, it will reduce the amount of parking tickets and cut down tardiness.

Simone McDaniel, a graduate student from Tallahassee, wasn’t aware there was a valet service on campus.

“I wish they had this when I was coming here. That would have been great,” McDaniel said.

Licensed drivers are subjected to criminal background and extensive driving record checks.

“These are people I know and trust, and I know they are responsible adults,” Crawford said. “I have a million dollar liability insurance policy out as well, to protect us against anything.”

Locations are staffed by two people on the lot and one person at each drop-off location wearing khaki pants and a black polo shirt with the word “valet” on the back.

“Everyone on campus can take advantage [of the service]. We’re not limited to one side of the campus,” Crawford said.

For more information, visit NTW’s Twitter page, @NTW4ME, or call 850-764-2622.