Make your dorm home

New students are incomplete without the ‘must haves’ to complete their new dorms. Whether you’re in Paddyfoote, Truth or McGuinn Halls, Rattlers can’t settle into their nests without making a trip to various stores to ensure they have all the necessities.

Once your luggage hits the floor and you embrace your living quarters for the next year, be sure you have everything you need for your dorm room.

The most essential tool college students is a laptop. You’ll have Internet, compliments of our campus Wi-Fi. When Coleman Library is closed, you can stay on top of class assignments. A laptop will also help you to stay in the loop within your social networks and campus events.

An imperative accessory to your laptop is a printer. Trevahn Cook, an electronics specialist at Wal-Mart, says among computers and IPads, printers and ink sell out completely within a few days.

Warm pillows and sheets are also a necessity. When winter approaches, a fluffy comforter will keep you warm and be soft enough to keep you well rested during those hectic exam weeks. Make sure to have a mattress cover and give your room some personality with different sheet colors.

Every Rattler wants to make sure they look presentable before stepping out, so make sure you have a full-length mirror to catch a glimpse of yourself before you hit the door.

Case Khoshayand, a sales associate at Wal-Mart, said full-length mirrors also sell out quickly.

Another very important item to have is a storage trunk with a lock. You can use the trunk to store very important documents, like your birth certificate and social security card, and to keep miscellaneous items organized and in a safe place during the semester.

Cleanliness is essential, which is why you should stock up on various hygiene products. These include laundry detergent, soap, toothpaste and deodorant. Buy these items in bulk to avoid frequent trips to the store throughout the semester.

Communal showers make many students cringe, so having a pair of slip-resistant shower shoes is ideal. You can relax knowing that your feet won’t touch those questionable bathroom floors when washing the day away.

When you’re not in the cafe, make sure you have a place to store your personal food items. Having a mini fridge and a microwave is ideal for late-night cravings when campus restaurants have been long closed. Instead of walking to Checkers to satisfy your hunger, just check your fridge.

Desk lamps and eco-friendly light bulbs are also important. The best way to keep your roommates happy when you’re studying late at night in your dorm is to have personal desk lamp. The light won’t disturb their sleep and you get to study as long as you need. Go a step further and watch your carbon footprint by purchasing eco-friendly light bulbs to save energy.

Finally, the accessory every Rattler should have for their IPhones, Androids and other smartphones is the FAMU Mobile app. You can check your registration status, look at your financial aid financial aid, and even see your class schedule.

Tawayne Sheffield, a sales associate at Target, says starting the year off stocked with dorm room essentials is best to set the pace and tone for a new school year.

“There is nothing like having a fully stocked fridge and appropriate cleaning supplies,” said Sheffield. “Being in full stock, being able to wash clothes, and maintain your side of the dorm gives you a sense of comfort and homeliness.”

With these items, getting through the school year will make your academic and dorm life a breeze.