Items you won’t find in your professor’s syllabus

Expensive textbooks, a demanding schedule, grueling study habits and anxieties over exams all conspire for a typical year of college life. To alleviate such stresses, students are turning to unlikely sources to fulfill their desires. The source: sex toys.

An often touchy topic, sex toys are an essential part of everyday life that helps provide men and women with a more gratifying and climatic sexual experience.

“Most people are unaware that the endorphins released after an orgasm create a more energetic and positive mood,” said Sandra Frazee, a sexual psychologist in Tallahassee. She believes sex toys are a must for anybody, even more so college students.

“It’s the best way to remove stress from your daily life,” Frazee said. “ Sex toys should be looked at as being health tools. These tools cure the brain of stress and contribute to providing a very stimulating orgasm. And as we all know, an orgasm helps boost your immune system, helps you relax and fall asleep easier, and best of all, when you’re using a sex toy, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or an STD.”

For women, using sex toys seems increasingly natural. According to adult toy manufacturer Adam & Eve, women are much more likely to purchase a sex toy than men.

“Of course we buy sex toys–there is no shame in our game,” said Monica Holmes, a junior criminal justice student from Atlanta. “I’m a single woman; I’m very busy and don’t have much time on my hands to find a guy who can please me. Honestly, I’d much rather do it myself. I know what I want and how I want it.”

The majority of female sex toys provide a range of therapeutic arousal to the vaginal area. Aside from using the back of a vibrating toothbrush head, the handle of a hairbrush, or the water jets in the bathtub, women who use vibrators help stimulate blood flow and experience a much more intense and multi-climatic orgasm.

“The idea of using sex toys for individual enjoyment seems forbidden among males,” Frazee said. “Many men stray away from the use of sex toys because they are unfamiliar with the complexity of achieving their orgasm. Men fail to realize that their G-spot, i.e. the prostate, can only be satisfied through entry of the anus.”

Colin Phillips, a sales associate at Rick’s Toy Box, believes that college is the best time to for both men and women to experiment and allow themselves to be exposed to the unusual.

“Lots of men get sex toys–you’re not a loser if you have one. It’s totally natural to want to pleasure yourself. Some toys are designed to increase pleasure and even stamina, which is a great skill any partner would appreciate.

Philips continued, “We have many modern advances in toys these days where you can fine-tune what suits you best. Everyone needs personal time once in a while–plus the benefits are outstanding.”