FAMU Plans Big Events for 125th Anniversary

Florida A&M University turns 125 years old on Oct. 3, and university officials have big plans to celebrate the anniversary. Sharon Saunders, university official, said they hope to recognize the university history and its different stakeholders.

The students can look forward to Founder’s Day Convocation at 10:10 a.m.

The university will reach out to the former living presidents and living founders to help celebrate the 125th anniversary at the convocation.

Immediately following the convocation, FAMU will be having a birthday party. Everyone is encouraged to attend. The birthday party will take place in the quadrangle area between the girls dorm.

Deborah Key, a senior criminal justice student from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., does not have high hopes for FAMU’s 125th anniversary.

“I don’t expect anything to be different,” said Key. “I know people will support FAMU, like they always have, but the same problems will persist.”

Key said she plans on attending all homecoming events this year.

Saunders plan to reach out to other campus organizations by encouraging them to participate through the various campus events.
Emilio Hall, President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., said they plans to recognize the alumni on a larger scale this year, they have a big tail gate set in place for the former students.

Hall hopes to see a lot of participation from students and alumni and does not want them to lose sight of the real reason FAMU has been around for 125 years.

“I hope they bring a little more excitement to the hill to fill the void the “100” has caused,” Hall said.

The university also plans to showcase the accomplishments of 125 outstanding alumni by hosting a gala Nov. 9.

Nicholas Waters, FAMU alumnae, expects for the legacy of Florida A&M University to continue.

“FAMU has their own unique style of celebrating as with any other HBCU,” said Waters.

Nicholas expects to see the same fellowship and celebration as with any of the past years.

“In the past, the tradition of FAMU was much greater and given the recent events surrounding the Marching “100”, I would like to see my alumni institution come together and regain that positive energy that has continued to carry this great institution for 125 years,” said Waters.

The university will select 180 distinguished alumni and the National Alumni Association will select 125 individuals to honor.

The university plans to officially announce the 125 individual alumni and release the list by the end of August.
LaSasha Quince, a senior English student from Daytona Beach, Fla., hopes that bad situation FAMU has been involved in does not outweigh the good this university known for.

“125 years strong, we have to be doing something right,” said Quince.