Tropical Smoothie Coming to FAMU this Fall

Florida A&M students can expect a sweet surprise in the fall semester with the opening of Tropical Smoothie Café on campus.

The café, which is known for its smoothies, gourmet wraps, specialty sandwiches, and salads will be located in the downstairs food court next to the Pizza Hut and WOW Wings Café.

Tropical Smoothie Café was originally scheduled to open fall of 2011 but was pushed back due to organizational problems. However, Director of Business and Auxiliary Services Byron Williams said, “I’ve been working hard to ensure it will be open.”

FAMU dining services which partners with Sodexo, a food company that serves over 1,500 businesses, has several ven dining locations on campus.

“The Tropical Smoothie prices will be in line with all the other Tropical Smoothies in Tallahassee,” said Kiawanna Everett, FAMU’s dining services operation manager.

Williams also said “like some places, the prices will not increase because Tropical Smoothie is located at a university, they will stay the same and the university will just lose commission.”

Students who have heard of the news are excited and look forward to having another food option to choose from.

Tropical Smoothie offers a range of healthy snacks including low fat smoothies, salads, flatbreads, and toasted sandwiches, some of which consisting of less than 400 calories.

Shanada Thomas, who is a vegetarian, and FAMU student said, “I’m glad to have Tropical Smoothie come to campus because I will have healthy food choices and a yummy snack before class.”

Students who want to seek employment with the Café can visit any of the campus restaurants for an application or contact FAMU Dining Services human resources department at (850) 412-7258.