Internet Frenzy Follows News that President Ammons is Leaving

Facebook and Twitter erupted in a frenzy Wednesday on the news that Florida A&M President James Ammons was resigning. As in other circles, the opinions of social media users split: either people were for Ammons‘ decision to leave or were against the university’s 10th president’s resignation. 

 FAMU alumna Nija Sharp expressed her disappointment that Ammons would be leaving, suggesting that he was among the best leaders FAMU has had.

In a lengthy post, she said: “As a FAMU alumna, I am saddened b the recent news! President Ammons is one of the three best presidents the university has ever had! …I can even compare him to president Obama, When he came the university was in shambles. Slowly but surely things have turned around and I can appreciate all his efforts,” Sharp said.

In a Facebook poll, local TV news provider WCTV asked “Do you think FAMU President Ammons made the right decision by resigning?”

Chris LaBelle said that he thought Ammons‘ resignation was the university accepting responsibility for the hazing “crisis” that followed FAMU drum major Robert Champion’s death in November 2011. He was “pummeled to death” in a hazing ritual that followed last year’s Florida Classic football game, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 

“This will be a way for FAMU to wash their hands of the situation,” LaBelle wrote. “They can say now “see the president this happened under is now gone so no more problems,” LaBelle said.

On the other hand, Laura Harris argued that Ammons should not shoulder responsibility for the death, which medical examiners have ruled a homicide. 

“I really don’t think the blame should rest solely on him but being president he should answer for it,” Harris said.

In Laurance McGriff’s posted on Facebook the announcement as a news alert from WCTV courtesy of lively technical center Tasha Potter responded to the post saying she felt that it was not Robert Champion’s fault .

“It wasn’t his fault…….I doesn’t see why he resigned……prayers are with you Mr. Ammons,” Potter stated.

People showed their rattler pride in their personal statuses with the “I represent FAMU”  and “FAMU TODAY, FAMU, TOMORROW, FAMU FOREVER.” Many people posted pictures of these in the “I Believe in FAMU” T-Shirt along with the logo.