FAMU alumnus aims to change in TBS series Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”

Former Florida A&M student, Montrel Miller, landed a role that he hopes will allow him to create change and teach people to accept individuality.

Miller graduated from FAMU with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business, but soon discovered that he had a knack for acting.

He starred in a Georgia Lottery commercial and has played roles in a variety of films, but his newest project is his role in the TBS comedy series Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne.”

Miller made his debut June 1 as “Rashard,” a college freshman who “comes out of the closet” to his childhood friend. While he knows homosexuality is a complex subject, he considers himself a vessel in the art of acting.

“When I first started, I knew it would be a character that would be very impactful and hit on an issue that would probably be controversial to a lot of people,” said Miller.

“I want to teach people that everybody matters no matter your race, your color, your origin, your sex; everyone matters just as much as the next person.”

Although it has been five years since Miller has been in college, the actor said portraying a younger character wasn’t difficult because he was able to use some of the experiences he had on the “Hill.”

According to the Georgia native, one thing that has been a constant throughout his career is the support of his Rattler family, young and old.

“It’s priceless. FAMU has been along that journey the entire way. They support me,” said Miller.

“Rattlers from different eras who don’t even know me, they just quickly say you know what, he bleeds orange and green so I’m going to support him.”

Getting as close to perfection as possible, a standard he learned at FAMU, is something he said he’ll never forget.

“FAMU taught me to do it big in whatever you do. Just go over and beyond and when you feel like you’ve done enough do more,” said Miller.

Anyone who missed the episode can visit www.montrelmiller.com

He will make his next appearance on “House of Payne” in a second episode that airs June 15.