FDLE: Eight in Custody for Champion Homicide

Authorities have arrested Jessie Baskin, Benjamin McNamee, Harold Finley, Bryan Jones and Shawn Turner within the past 24 hours, bringing to seven the number of persons held for their alleged involvement in the Nov. 19, 2011, hazing that killed Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion in Orlando.  These men surrendered to police.

An eighth man, Aaron Golson, is now in custody. He surrendered at Gadsden County Jail Thursday afternoon.

Update: 05/06/2012 — All 11 people charged with felony hazing in this case are in custody, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 

Rikki Willis and Caleb Jackson were the first arrested Wednesday. 


Verbatim text from Florida Department of Law Enforcement:



Defendants who have turned themselves in


Jessie Baskin, B/M, DOB 10/27/91 (20), Miami-Dade County Jail, bonded out


Harold Finley, B/M, DOB 4/8/92 (20), Palm Beach County Jail


Bryan Jones, B/M, DOB 10/27/88 (23), Hillsborough County Jail, bonded out


Benjamin McNamee, B/M, DOB 12/14/90 (21), Miami-Dade County Jail, bonded out


Shawn Turner, B/M, DOB 4/22/86 (26), Gadsden County Jail, bonded out



From yesterday


Caleb Jackson, B/M, DOB 09/10/88, Leon County Jail


Rikki Wills, B.M, DOB 04/03/88, Leon County Jail, bonded out.



Of the remaining four, 3 are out of State – 2 in Georgia and 1 in Delaware.


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