Garage still in disrepair. Closure indefinite

For nearly a month Florida A&M students have not been able to fully utilize the only parking garage on campus.

“The third level of the parking garage has been closed due to cracks in the structure,” said Samuel J. Houston director of facilities, planning and construction. “ [It] will remain closed until Parking Services receives an evaluation report and recommendations for improvement.”

Although John Kirby, assistant director of parking administrative services, confirmed suspicious sound and vibrations in the structure, no causes can be confirmed until a final report is issued from an expert consultant is provided. The final report will also include “an implementation timeline for remedying the problem,” Houston added.

At this present time “We are working to secure a time and day for the inspection. It is, however, a top priority to have this inspection completed, but until further notice levels, one, two, and four of the parking garage will remain open” said Houston.

Nothing can be done until the purchasing order has gone through the FAMU plant operations purchasing office. Under the Board of Trustees Policy Number: 2005-7A, “ ‘Minor projects’ mean construction projects with a budget of $ 1,000,000 or less.”

In the same document an emergency procedure has been put in place; an imminent danger clause allows the university president to “procure construction related services” in the event there are “student and/ or employee health-related emergencies that occur as a result of unforeseen building and/or system deficiencies.”

There are deficiencies with the current garage structure. But there are future plans of expansion.

The FAMU Campus Master Plan for 2010-2015 includes a proposal and map that includes seven new parking garages throughout the campus. The largest of the facilities is a garage to accompany an expansion of the Perry Paige building. The structure will sit on the north end of Wahnish Way across the street from a proposed welcome center.