FAMU Senior Launches Vintage Clothing Store

Jeff Bezos created Amazon, Pierre Omidyar created Ebay and Corri McFadden created E Drop-Off. Queneisha Harvey may be the next big thing.

Harvey has created Lux Evolution, an online clothing store that will launch this summer.

ShopLuxEvolution.com will sell vintage designer and timeless fashion pieces. It will also be a styling and personal shopping company that will create impeccable looks with clothes in the customer’s home closet.

“I help individuals declare their personal style and revamp their closets,” said Harvey.

The senior public relations student from Miami has been styling herself since the age of 3 but has been in the fashion industry for about seven years.

“Fashion has always been a huge part of my life and now I feel it’s time to make a brand for myself,” said Harvey. “Lux Evolution is a perfect representation of who I am, and I’m so excited to share it with the world or whoever is willing to listen.”

Being the youngest of three children, Harvey grew up with her mother sewing her clothes, as well as wearing hand-me-downs.

“I actually loved wearing hand-me-down clothes. Not only was every student and I dressing completely different, but it also contributed to my sense of style,” Harvey said. “Many of the clothes and jewelry were my mother’s, and back in the day, she was a beast in fashion.”

Compared to online stores such as Glam Girls and Shoe Dazzle, Lux Evolution gets more personal with everyday clothing. The styling and personal shopping section of the website presents the opportunity for visitors to not only revamp their home closets, but also give them suggestions on hair care and overall health.

Kiara Garland, a senior international affairs student at Florida State University, has dabbled in fashion throughout her college years.

“I love expressing myself through fashion,” said Garland. “Natural and healthy hair is big in the black community, so I think it’s good idea to take advantage of it.”

According to the Palm Beach Post, in 2011 retailers were adapting to the change in consumer buying habits. The middle class is becoming thriftier, turning away from expensive name brand clothing.

Lux Evolution uses vintage items to demonstrate that remarkable pieces do not have to cost more than the average person makes in a year.

“I’m not the type of person to wear brand names, so I like the idea that Lux Evolution gives you the opportunity to let me explore my fashion with vintage clothing,” said Esther Francois, a senior political science student at FAMU.

Harvey grew up viewing the style and grace of Rachel Zoe, the work ethic of Kelly Cutrone, the confidence of June Ambrose and the edge of Julia Sarr Jamois.

Many influential designers, such as Alexander McQueen, have given Harvey the ability and courage to explore prints, bold colors and styling out of her comfort zone.

“I want people to gain a sense of knowing one’s self,” said Harvey, who believes the most important thing is feeling confident in whatever you wear and owning it. “You only get one fashion to live; make it timeless.”