Spend Your Summer Vacation Preparing for Your Future

Everyone seems to be on the same page about this semester: it has been a long and true test of the type of student each of us is.

After such a long semester, students are likely excited for summer, and they are anticipating fun. However, during the summer, you should also improve yourself in your major and career.

In grade school, teachers would always make sure to throw in a speech at the end of the fourth nine-weeks about how everyone should continue reading and writing over the summer. While almost no one took the advice seriously, our teachers were trying to motivate us to sharpen our skills.

So, If you’re not taking an internship or going to summer school, you should consider career shadowing or volunteering for a company that involves your dream career field.

While Florida A&M provides challenging courses, it cannot prepare you for everything. Some things can only be learned when you seek them for yourself. Take on something new. Learn new skills that are relevant to your field.

Perhaps you don’t know anything about Adobe Photoshop. If it’s something you can use in your field, you can learn it online and add it to your résumé.

How impressed will interviewers be when you tell them that over the summer you taught yourself a skill that could help your career?

You could also take the initiative to learn something that may have nothing to do with your major. Suppose you’re a theater student who decides to learn economics. Being a well-rounded person trumps being an expert in multiple areas in your field. And being an expert beats just making good grades.

Expanding your skill set turns you into a true competitor.

I’m not saying that you should devote your whole summer to learning new skills. Take a break, and enjoy your summer. But remember that in a few years you will be out of college, and going the extra mile will pay off when it comes to getting that dream job.