Zimmerman’s gun, the only reason for his brazen actions

Forty-three days later and still no justice for Trayvon Martin.

However George Zimmerman’s attorneys called a press conference to inform the media and the public that they will no longer represent Zimmerman, because he has had no contact with him since Sunday.

Unless, Zimmerman informs his attorneys that he wants them to continue representing him.

It was smart for Craig Sooner, one of the attorneys, to inform the public that he hasn’t been in contact with

Zimmerman. The problem is that Sooner began to defend Zimmerman as if the media was the grand jury.

He even went on a tangent about how the media has displayed dated photos of Martin to soften the publics view of him and not the photo of him sticking up his middle finger on Twitter. According to Sooner, Zimmerman was defending himself against a six foot man who seemed suspicious.

Well, if Martin was so big and susipicious, why did Zimmerman want to get “information from him?”

People who feel threatened by someone, or something, run in the opposite direction. Zimmerman followed Martin after being told that he didn’t need to do that.

And who cares if Martin, a 17 year-old young man, is on Twitter “flipping birds” or whether he is six feet tall? His

Twitter account belonged to him. That has nothing to do with the situation at hand.

I am so sick of people trying to make it seem as if Zimmerman isn’t big as well. A person who is afraid of a six foot tall young black male, who was walking down the street with nothing more than a pack of Skittles and a can of iced tea, doesn’t just chase him down to “get some information.” Only a person carrying a gun does that.

They have nothing to fear. They have a weapon to defend themselves. The gun gave him the guts to think that taking the life of someone else was ok. It’s not. If he didn’t have a gun I’m sure he probably would have walked back to his vehicle. 


I pray that this is not the attorneys defense for Zimmerman.