Tallahassee Nurseries


Tallahassee Nurseries, located at 2911 Thomasville Road, has been operating since 1938. Back then; Tallahassee Nurseries was five acres of produce run by Eugene R. Ellis, Sr. and His wife Ruth.


The Garden of Eden for local plant lovers, Tallahassee Nurseries prides itself on offering customers high quality products with a vast collection to choose from.


“It’s really a plant lovers nursery,” said Roger Klug, who has been working at Tallahassee Nurseries for 12 years. “You can come and find some really unusual things that you couldn’t find at your run-in-the-mill nursery.”


Tallahassee Nurseries has become must-stop shop, according to employees and customers, for your gardening needs. From curly sedges to colorful pots, you could spend hours walking through the countless gazebos and greenhouses as one explores the nursery.


“We get quite a range of products for the community,” said Berty Ferguson, a seasonal employee in the bedding department who recently moved from Wyoming. “We get high quality products from smaller growers and larger growers.”


Ferguson said the allure to Tallahassee Nurseries is the landscape. The way the land is set up to have the park feel makes for a pleasant shopping experience.


Customers enjoy their visits to Tallahassee Nurseries from the beginning. Even residents who have recently moved to the area have already paid a visit.


“It is like Disneyland for adults,” said Shannon Smith, a new Tallahassee resident originally from Panama City Beach, Fla. on her first visit. “They [the staff] are very knowledgeable and very nice.”


Tallahassee Nurseries’ hours of operation are Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. To check out its selection, visit tallahasseenurseries.com. You can also call Tallahassee Nurseries at 850-385-2162.