Encouragement For My Fellow Rattlers


Do you ever feel like giving up?  Do you feel at your lowest points in life sometimes?  I am here to tell you everything is going to be all right. The economy is slowly declining and jobs are very hard to get. You can have two or three degrees with years of experience and it is still hard for you.

We must keep our heads up through these trials and tribulations. It may look like a person has it all together but they don’t. When a person has a smile on their face that does not mean they are happy. You do not know how a person may feel inside. There is so much a person can hide behind a smile. You will never know unless they physically tell you something is wrong.

Do not give up because you feel like there is so much on your plate. Hard times do not last but tough people do. Both of my biological parents are dead but I still keep a smile on my face. There were times when it was very hard for me but I kept pushing myself forward. God does not put more on us than we can bear. Time heals all wounds physically, mentally or spiritually. I know they are looking down on me from heaven.

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Encouragement means expressing being supportive in different scenarios. Donald Lawrence has a song entitled “Encourage Yourself.” I love that song, because it contains so much enthusiasm. It is describing no matter how tough the road may get do not stay down. The closest people to you may not have your best interest at heart. They can secretly be hindering you from your potential within you. Be careful with the company you choose to keep. Continue to be yourself and continue to do your best. Your best is all you can do.