Google’s ‘Glasses’ Could Reinvent How We See Things

In my experience reading books, listening to radio, watching television and movies, I have discovered that fiction in any medium embraces strange differences that people tend to ignore. But on occasion, it is often beneficial to marvel at how strange the world can be.

Observing huge leaps in technology is one of the most exciting about living in the 21st century. For instance, Google’s new project, Google Glasses, looks to set a benchmark for technology by changing how people interact with the world.

Google Glasses work as “glasses” with cameras, and they would be constantly connected to the Internet. Essentially, users would continue living normally, but with an augmented “vision” that would allow them to learn new information, communicate, and take pictures entirely through the glasses.

Imagine trying to walk through an unfamiliar area. Using the glasses, you could have a digital route “painted” on the ground in front of you.

Also, with Google’s huge database of users, there can easily be a system in place where a person saved as your contact could have basic info appear next to him or her whenever you meet them. In other words, you would never again have to be in the awkward situation where you can’t remember a person’s name.

Unfortunately, this is still a developing technology, and it’s unknown when Google will be ready to release the glasses. But the mere fact that it can exist, has a staggering array of implications for humanity – not all of them good. What’s important is to go beyond quaint ideas for social situations and focus on what it means to have such a powerful tool. There is the medical precedent that the glasses have, namely some form of biological implants that take the place of perfectly operational organs.

Only a few years ago, just the discussion of these ideas might have been considered science fiction. The difference now is that since these ideas are tangible, people have to seriously consider whether humanity needs something like Google Glasses.