BOT revises physical therapy grade policy



The Florida A&M Board of Trustees made an addition to grade policy to include a “PN” grade, which will apply to physical therapy students.

The policy change gives students in the physical therapy graduate program, who are in the clinical phase and are passing but still not at the proper proficiency level, a chance to improve. Provost Larry Robinson introduced the change of policy to the Academic Affairs Committee at Wednesday’s meeting.


“The program of physical therapy, they are the ones we’re going to focus on in terms of their knowledge and awareness of what this allows for them, student academic progression, this is at the best interest of the students, to allow them a mechanism to stay on track in an academic program,” said Robinson.

The procedure is very similar to the policy for incomplete grades. Students will not be able to re-enroll in a course until after the “I” or “PN” grade has been changed to a letter grade.


The “PN” grade will stop the inappropriate use of the “I.” Incompletes are only supposed to be used for exhausting circumstance beyond the control of the student.


 “I have great confidence in Dr. Robinson. I think he has been here, he understands the university, understands the academic side of the university, and I think he’s already stepped in and identified some areas that need special attention,” said Marjorie Turnbull Chairwoman of the Academic Affairs Committee.


Student Body President Breyon Love said the university will be responsible for alerting students about the changes. “Our department of communications will do everything it can to let  the students know about this important change in policy,” said Love.