Technological Innovations Make Our Lives Much Easier

The good things that technology has done for our lives goes far beyond this paper. In the most general sense that I can think of, let me just say that whether you like it or not, technology has made your life better.

The obvious first thing that everybody is going to expect me to talk about is the iPhone, but before I do that, let’s go to a time where people were walking around the street with brick cellphones toted in a bag with the antenna sticking out of it. That made their life easier. Now, press a few numbers and talk to somebody that is counties, cities, or states away. To go from that to what we have now with the iPhones, is an incredible feat.

Now let’s go back to our earliest form of music commercially known: vinyl records. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the giant black record that DJ’s now scratch on or what was used back in the 60s when you would lift up the needle, put the record under it and music would play. Back then, that was how music got out, and then we made the phenomenal transition to cassette tapes, CDs and now downloading music from iTunes or Rhapsody. Technology has made getting and listening to music much more efficient.

Like other technologies, the television has seen grand innovations. From grainy black and white to 3D, televisions have revolutionized entertainment. Because of TV, important messages are spread quickly across airwaves.

Facebook has allowed us to reconnect with old friends. Twitter has allowed you to get trending topics around the world spread easily with the press of a button. Skype gives us visual confirmation of family and friends anywhere. Technology is universal and Japan and China are known for being the most savvy users.

There’s probably no end to what technology can do, and it’s all for the betterment of the people cope with. The possibilities are endless.