Run-offs for SGA President/VP Next Week

Run-off elections for the Marissa West/ Michael Jefferson ticket and the Justin McCorvey/ Ariana Williams ticket will take place April 10.

It has been 39 days since the spring 2012 elections occurred and the Florida A&M administration has not conferred a 2012-2013 student body president and vice president.

The McCorvey/Williams ticket filed an appeal on Feb. 22, the last night of spring elections, alleging that the point system used to disqualify candidates was unapproved by both the Student Senate and the Student Supreme Court.

Following the appeal, the Supreme Court issued a writ of mandamus requesting the McCorvey/Williams ticket, as well as the Siders brothers ticket who also filed an appeal, prove they did not withhold information to benefit them.

An appeal hearing the next week fell through because Jocelyn Oliver, a senior business administration student from Lake Butler, Fla., who served as a Supreme Court justice, resigned the day of the hearing.

In order for the Supreme Court to hear any student trial, justices must make quorum. Quorum requires there be five justices present in any court proceeding, according to the Student Body Statues.

This left the decision to be moved to the second level of appeals, FAMU administration.

Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson and Dean Henry Kirby, the associate vice president of student affairs, are assigned the task of deciding when it reaches the second level of appeals.

The Student Supreme Court issued a memorandum to Kirby on March 1 stating that it did not meet quorum and was unable to hear the appeal cases.

However, Kirby said he was not made aware until almost two weeks later of the Supreme Court not meeting quorum.

“We didn’t get confirmation back from the student Supreme Court until Tuesday, March 13, that one of the justices had resigned.”

The decision to have a run-off election was made on Friday.

There is not a point system for this run-off election meaning candidates are not held to any rules as to how they campaign.

Evan Bailey, a first-year business administration student from Kansas City, Mo., who represents the Mccorvey/Williams ticket, said that will not change their strategy.

“We’re not just going to go out there and represent the school badly,” said Bailey “we’re going to operate as if there is a point system in place,” said Bailey.

The West/Jefferson ticket has not responded for a request to interview.