Vigil gives students a chance to participate


Florida A&M students unable to travel to Sanford, Fla. Monday were able to share the sprit of the event that drew millions on campus.

“A lot of students couldn’t make the trip,” said Emilio Hall, an organizer for the event. “I thought it would be a great idea to have a prayer for the students that were still in Tallahassee.”

The event was created in hope that students who came out would gain some knowledge and understanding about the situation.

Monday was the only vigil so far, but more are being discussed. ” We are going to wait to see what the courts come up with April 10, after that, we will follow up with supporting Trayvon and his family accordingly,” said Hall.

“The prayer was moving,” said Phaedra Simpson, a graduating business administration student from Ft. Lauderdale. Simpson explained how she was touched by how many participants came on behalf of the Martin family.

“We are doing this to ensure that justice is served,” said Simpson.

Mason Marshall, a member of Progressive Black Men, spoke on the event, “I hope what we are doing will reach a lot of people,” said Mason Marshall, a member of Progressive Black Men. “We aren’t doing this just to do it, we are making sure our voices are heard.”

LaCandria Churchill, a junior from Chicago, Ill. continues to support the efforts of the “justice for Trayvon” movements by marching in Sanford.

“I am very touched by the case, and so should everyone else, we need to take a stand on this issue and address it head on,” Churchill said.

Although a prayer vigil won’t be happening in the next few days Emilio Hall still puts in his best effort to support the family.

Hall has ordered “I am Trayvon Martin” shirts for his fraternity. They will be wearing them weekly in protest to this situation.