Court waives Palmer’s right to a speedy trial


The Leon County court system issued a waiver of speedy trial for Starquineshia in a case management conference on March 21.

This means she has lost her right to the sixth amendment and her sentencing will be expedited.

Palmer has been charged with the murder of Florida A&M university basketball player Shannon Washington.

Prosecuting attorney Kathy Ray confirmed that Palmer’s right had been waived and said, “There will be another case management set in June and there might also be a trial date set that same month.”

Alice Copek, Palmer’s public defender, confirmed that a case management conference has been set for June 20 along with a trial that same day.

“As of right now the case is in its beginning stages and it’s too soon to make any comments about the case,” Copek said.

According to the police report Sept. 4, Sgt. Jason Laursen responded to a female being stabbed at University Courtyard Apartments.

Laursen was met by Palmer who said, “I did it! I did it! I killed her! Just take me to jail!”

After being handcuffed and waiving her Miranda Rights, she continued to yell, “I did it! I did it! Charge me with everything!”

Palmer gave a full confession of murdering Washington.

At the police station, she gave a full description of that day and said she and Washington had physical altercations throughout the day.

According to the police report, Washington said to Palmer, “If you gonna do it, just do it. Both of us are going to die tonight.” Palmer was the only one to walk away alive from their argument.