Students’ success should not be limited to their high grades

Many people believe that Florida A&M’s minimum grade point average requirement may be too low for students to attend the university.

According to FAMU’s website, a GPA of at least a 2.55 is required.

Although GPA is held as a marker of excellence, the number doesn’t always define the student.

The academic GPA system in America has always been something of a mixed bag in terms of determining a student’s “worth” in the education system. While it is often used as a fair, near-universal measurement of academic performance, there are times when it can be rendered arbitrary.

For instance, in high school it is possible to have a high GPA but still not be accepted into the university of one’s choice. The reason for this can range from a lack of extracurricular activities to the admissions board having to meet some sort of quota.

Alternatively, maintaining a 2.5 GPA while participating in a number of extracurricular activities may give the admissions board reason to consider a student.

There are the unfortunate cases where, due to extenuating circumstances outside the influence of a student, one is not able to maintain a GPA of any sort.

There are two points to be made with these examples: that a student’s GPA should not be the sole measurement of a student’s academic performance and even when it is used, there are a number of factors that people take into account – some of which are only tangentially related to one’s GPA – and should be considered a “bundled package” that serve to place the GPA in context. This context is important as it shows how much effort a student may put into something or how well a student might work with others.

This is why the base GPA of FAMU should stay the same. It is vital for recruiting students of various backgrounds who have the ability to become great leaders in academia and might not get a chance at other universities.

Everyone doesn’t learn at the same level and therefore, it is unfair to judge students on a number.

Many people have been successful with what might be considered a low academic standing, and the reasons for this is because they had exceptional talents in different fields. It is FAMU’s job, as a university, to cultivate these talents and make progress towards the future.