Intersections prove troublesome for accidents



Two intersections have proven to be the most prevalent locations for car accidents at Florida A&M.


The intersection of Wahnish Way and Gamble Street and the intersection of  Martin Luther King Boulevard and Palmer Avenue are highly populated areas  where students transition from class to class, presenting a high risk for accidents involving  motorists and pedestrians. 


Since 2010, there have been 11 reported car accidents at Wahnish and Gamble. 


“I believe there are many car accidents here because there is so much traffic in this location and so many people who are affiliated with the campus,” said Lt. Angela Kirkland, the investigations commander. 


FAMU PD Lt. Norman Rollins, a uniform patrol commander, also said there are two types of car accidents around FAMU, vehicle vs. vehicle and vehicle vs. pedestrian.


Rollins said that vehicle vs. vehicle is the most common in this area, which he believes is due to the number of young drivers with less than 10 years of experience behind the wheel.


The intersection of Palmer Avenue and MLK Boulevard has its own unique reasons for frequent accidents. 


“This street is not as wide, and it is the same location where the bus picks up and drops off students,” said Rollins. 


Drivers also have a tendency to go around other cars, even if it means veering off into the opposite lane to do so. 


Students cite advancements in technology as a major factor in frequent incidents.


“I believe drivers are more preoccupied with loud music and texting,” said Rahsul Shaw, a political science student. 


In an effort to decrease the number of car accidents at the intersection of Wahnish Way, FAMU and the city have plans to restructure the area.


“It will decrease accidents and traffic will not be concentrated in one area,” said Samuel Houston, director of facility planning and construction. 


The FAMU Way Extension Plan will include a roundabout at the intersection of Wahnish and Gamble that will divert traffic around the side of the new residential facility, Polkinghorne Village, past Bragg Stadium, and lead to the intersection of Wahnish Way and Osceola Street.